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In this version, we have improved Lunar to an unprecedented new height again, which is the most effective and meaningful upgrade so far! In terms of function, the minor flaws of the previous version have been completed, and the new design changes have increased the possibility of using methods.


Major evolutionary items:

- The battery standby time has been increased by at least two times.

- The USB charging port has been changed to the more commonly used Type C.

- Replace the hanging chain with a metal hook, which is more convenient to install and firmer after installation.

  It's more stable even pulled by hand.

- Some metal parts are changed to lighter and more durable engineering plastics.

- New structure allows to replace different Light Shade.

- New Color options: Desert & Oasis.


The newly designed metal hook can be easily installed on the top by just pressing it. Suitable for hanging in different places for easier storage. More reliable and safe to use.




When Classic meets Classic
“DACH x TI Lifestyle”

Ti-Lifestyle is a brand founded by a local carpenter designer in Hong Kong.

Well known for unique outdoor products.


Carpenter designer Ti personally selects all kinds of natural solid wood materials, insists on cutting the original solid wood, hand-polished and then protected by beeswax and natural oil, less artificial chemical materials, and more natural beauty. He strive to achieve a balance between practicality and eye-catching for every outdoor product.

Lunar 3.0-01.jpg
3 covers-01.jpg

We partnered with Ti to create 3 wooden light shades that are both visually unique and functional.
They are: "
月川" created for Desert Edition, "夜川" created for Oasis Edition, and "丸の川" for both Editions.

Comprehensive Functions

Without Compromising Style

3.0 Spec.jpg
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